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About Artyzen

I am an Australian Registered Artist who accepts commissioned work. My name is Carmen Jackson and I am an artist that draws inspiration from the humour and the beauty of the Australian outback, beaches and landscapes.

I complete an oil painting based on this direct observation and experience with the beauty and magic of the local landscapes. I paint primarily in oils and work in a style that is my own of the Australian landscape to the elements of horizon, geometry, textures, and iconic images and landmarks. I use photographs to get ideas as I paint my designs with an idea in mind. I go with the flow and sometimes think outside the box to create a piece of work.

I started painting a few years ago to express my creative side and over this time I state I am self-taught. I was born in Newtown NSW, live on the Central Coast NSW and have some land in White Cliffs NSW.



Moonee Valley Art Show , Moonee Valley Art Gallery


Flemington Arts Show, Kensington Art Gallery